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The production of natural lighters dates back to 1992, when wood wool ropes were made for the first time, and soaked in paraffin. The traditional production process hasn’t changed, emphasising manual work and the quality of raw materials: mainly spruce from certified forests, high-quality paraffin and recycled packaging. 


Another advantage of the company was its strategic location in the heart of Europe, near the Eagle Mountains (Orlické hory), within a relatively short distance to the Amazon warehouses.


Over time, Forest Lighter became the leading largest supplier of goods to companies of various sizes and specialisations and its products have become an integral part of the everyday lives of millions of people worldwide. Own brand production and large production capacity (Private Labelling) with the capacity to deliver goods anywhere in the world have brought the company even closer to the most demanding clients looking for this option. 


The company puts great emphasis on caring for its employees, employing young people, continuously improving production processes, safety in production and reducing the carbon footprint in production. The company also believes that building a good relationship with suppliers starts with timely payment of receivables. 


Restoration of natural resources, especially forests, has become an integral part of the corporate philosophy, with several thousand euros being donated annually to volunteers and non-profit organisations that plant and restore forests destroyed by beetles, floods or human activities

Peter Hudec, Director, London,UK

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