Forest Lighter makes world-class eco products with respect to environment and future generation. 94% of the company’s facilities, production process, and material sourcing are meeting the higher criteria of the international standards. 


Our firelighters are odourless, clean and easy to light.

Pieces of firelighters can be placed in the middle of firewood, kindling, briquettes or charcoal and light up. It burns almost a smokeless flame up to 10 mins. Firelighters do not have any impact on grilled food or functionality of chimneys.

They are made of certificated spruce wood wool and the best paraffin wax suitable for Indoor (fireplaces, stoves, pizza oven) and Outdoor (fire pit, open fire, BBQ). Pieces of firelighters are carefully packed and professionally packaged (bags, zips and boxes).

Apart of eco firelighters company produces wood wool suitable for packing, animal bedding or decoration.


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