1 BAG = 60 pieces of firelighters
> 100% eco product - made from certificated wood shavings & paraffin wax (it does not smell)

> assigned: for all type of fire place, tile stove, basin and grills

> application: enter between wood, briquettes, coal and fire up

> without smelling and chemical agents

> it does not have any effect on the taste and smell of the grilled meat. 

> it burns up to 10 mins and to start a fire you need 1-2 pieces!

> unlimited guarantee

> to be kept dry out of children reach!

> no risk of an exposition!

> buying this product you are supporting planting new trees in protected areas (£0.25)
>>> DELIVERY: UP TO 3-4 DAYS <<< 



Forest Lighter 60pc in bag

  • Natural Fire Lighter is made from certificated wood wool and paraffin wax, which lights in any conditions and environment. It burns with a smokeless flame up to 10 mins and does not have any impact on food. To start a fire you will normally need 1-2 fire lighters. A bag contains 60 pieces of fire lighters. Suitable for stoves, cottages, fire places, BBQs and pizza ovens.

  • Return and refund policy only in the case of unpacked, undamaged products. In the case of changing mind, we do refund but the delivery will be paid by a customer.