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Recovering Nature 


Our Mission

At Forest Lighter, we make high-quality and sustainable all-round products for our customers. We care about protecting the environment and creating strong relationships with people. 

Through our reforestation initiatives, we aim to restore ecosystems that have suffered from human activity, natural disasters, and the devastating impact of bark beetles. With each tree planted, we contribute to the restoration of biodiversity, the mitigation of climate change, and the preservation of our planet for future generations.

Through strategic planning and careful selection of planting locations, we maximize the effectiveness of our efforts, ensuring that each tree we plant has the greatest potential to thrive and contribute to creating a new forest. 

Forest Today

In the Czech Republic, one of the significant problems faced by forests is the outbreak of bark beetle infestation, also known as the "spruce gobbler." These beetles primarily affect spruce trees and can cause significant damage when their populations explode. They bore into the bark of spruce trees, creating tunnels and feeding on the inner layers, which can lead to the death of the trees. This issue has resulted in the devastation of large areas of spruce forests.

In recent years, the Czech Republic has experienced severe bark beetle outbreaks. In 2018, over 5 million cubic meters of spruce timber were damaged, representing around 12% of the country's total timber production.

Efforts to protect forests and mitigate the impact of spruce gobblers involve various strategies. Early detection and monitoring of bark beetle populations are crucial, allowing forestry professionals to identify infestations and take targeted measures. This involves removing and destroying infested trees to prevent the beetles from spreading further. Forests' resilience can be enhanced by promoting a variety of tree species, and active management practices like thinning and proper tree spacing can improve tree health and make them less vulnerable to beetle attacks.

By implementing these measures, it is possible to mitigate the impact and protect valuable ecosystems for future generations of which we are part.


In cooperation with non-profit organizations "Make a Home", “Home For Trees” and the government bodies we have already planted 2,009 trees in our ongoing project since 2017. 

As a location, we have chosen Czechia and Slovakia from where the wood comes from and where we feel we can make a difference. 

Read the “Press Release June 2023” to find out more information about locations, time of planting, number of trees planted and other useful information. 

By working alongside with our partners, we believe that is possible to keep renewing forests and keep the ecosystem sustainable and healthy. 

Press Release November 2023



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