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Private Labelling

You may read an article on our site's "Trade" section on "Branding of Eco Products" or read about us there. What you missed is listed below.


If your company produces and sells firewood (Firewood Seller or Supplier), prunes trees (Tree Surgeons), sells biomass products like briquettes, pellets, or charcoal, or operates a garden centre, this may be your one-of-a-kind opportunity to expand your offerings for wood wool firelighters.


Why not use this occasion to provide something that sells well year-round from a variety of businesses, a few of which are nearby? Aside from the advantages of having this product on hand, you can support our ongoing initiative by aiding us to plant trees in protected places.


Choosing the type of packaging, the quantity of pieces, the brand slogan, and the logos is the first step in designing your own customized firelighters. The remaining work will be completed by our in-house designer, who will create a draft for you. Your corrections and approval of the draft will lead it to be submitted to the printer, starting the process of making your firelighters. Order is completed, reviewed, and shipped out as soon as we have agreed upon a delivery date.


Deliveries may be made anywhere in the world thanks to our skilled network of hauliers and couriers. Deliveries are made as "Delivery Duty Paid" or DDP, and all goods are completely traceable and insured by us. Existing orders can also use credit alternatives.


Contact us right away to discuss how we may assist you in acquiring wood wool firelighters at incredibly low costs.


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