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Trends In Solid Fuels

Heating based on solid fuels (types: seasoning firewood & kindling, biomass briquettes & pellets, chips, peat, coal, coke and municipal waste) has a still significant impact on savings over the energy bills in the United Kingdom. The highest quality fuels give high heat and exceptional value for money-performance. With the current technology, companies are able to satisfy high demand customers looking for smokeless fuels for any type of occasion and appliance.

According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 50% of all households and 90% of rural households are using solid fuels for cooking or heating worldwide. The Government is trying to put industry under control by introducing new policies to low carbon intensity of heating fuels (Smoke Control Areas etc). Exception is wood that is described as carbon neutral fuel. It means that same amount of carbon dioxide has been absorbed during growing and during burning.

Important part of accessories to all solid fuels are eco firelighters. To light the solid fuels, we have developed firelighters which are made eco-friendly way with respect to the environment and future generation. The product can be used indoors or outdoors instead of kindling. Lighting eco firelighters made from paraffin wax is very easy. Wooden material catches fire within a few seconds and lasts up to 10 mins. According to our test, kindling catches fire after 2-3 minutes after matching, wooden briquettes 5-6 minutes. It burns with a smokeless flame without odour or impact on grilled food. With cardboard type of packing, the product is fully recyclable. It does not have huge requirements on the place in your storage. It can be easily kept next to the fireplace or stoves. There are so many occasions where the eco firelighters can be used such as: lighting fire in the fireplace or stoves, hiking or simply lighting fire on BBQ and you should not have a problem to light the fire during winter season.

The future of solid fuels depends on never ending developing new products and processes that respect the environment and public health. Our eco firelighters have been developed since 1888 with high customer satisfaction around the world.

Sources:; Solid Fuels, March 2018; Indoor smoke from solid fuels: Assessing the environmental burden of disease, March 2018;Solid Fuels Guide, March 2018; Using Wood or Coal for Heating, March 2018

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