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Wood wool as a void material

Wood wool is a multi-purpose material with a wide range of uses in several industries. This article will focus on its use as a void filler. 

Firstly, void filler is something to be used in a packing box in order to avoid damaging the product. In fact, when wood wool was introduced  in the 19th century, it started being widely used in the pottery industry to keep the products safe. Apart from its light weight, it became popular because of its nice look. 

This “boom” only lasted until the invention of a new, cheaper alternative, namely plastics and polystyrene. Back then they did not know about the negative impact these materials would one day have on the environment. However, nowadays we are fully aware of the environmental crisis happening around us caused partly by plastics and their production. It is a big call to be more ecological and here are some reasons why we should go back to using wood wool:

1. It is biodegradable, unlike other packing options. As void fillers are mostly used only once and then gotten rid of, the best thing you can do is to choose a natural material. 

2.It is eco-friendly

Our wood wool is made from hand-picked spruce trees and it is free from chemicals  and dust. Moreover, it is PEFC (affirmation that wood-based products come from sustainable sources ) and FSC (affirmation that a forest meets the highest environmental and social standards) certified. You may argue that using wood wool contributes to cutting down more trees. However, our company uses part of its resources to recover protected areas and plant baby trees. (You can read more at:

3. It looks and smells good

Packing your products using wood wool will give them a natural, rustic and elegant look. Moreover, the nice smell of wood is something to attract the attention of your customer.

4. It is flexible 

In other words, it fits well around products of all shapes and protects them.

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