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Modern usage of wood wool

What’s wood wool?

Wood wool was invented centuries ago and is quite popular across the world because of its diverse range of uses.

Wood wool is a light, bio-degradable void fill made from shredded timber. The fibers can be crushed and when the pressure is removed resume their initial volume mainly for reducing the bulkiness for transport. It can be further processed by washing, drying and dyeing into a desired color for example, green to resemble grass.

The story is pretty much similar in terms of diversity of use when it comes to wood pellets and wood chips. Manufacturers are increasingly demanding for wood pellets as an option for manufacturing variouswood products, furnitureand also for construction.

Wood pellets are generally made from compacted sawdust and related industrial wastes from the granulating of wood. Wood chips is also another wood product which has similar uses as the wood wool. They aresmall to medium sized pieces of wood formed by cutting or chipping larger pieces of wood such as trees, branches, logging residues, stumps, roots, and wood waste. It may be used as a fuel, wood pulpand in agriculture as an organic matterfor landscapingand restoration ecology,


Wood wool has many uses. The product is commonly used for packaging materials including boxes. As stuffing material, it is used for stuffing teddy bears or toys and for cushioning.

It can also be stuffed in packaging materials for shipping breakable objects.

In the pottery business it can be used to keep items safe and secure whilst being transported from one place to the other.

As a decorating material, vendors use wood wool for packing gifts, for wine set in hampers etc.

Other uses include insulation boards for ceilings, wood wool pads, and even roof slabs. It is used for external walls, loft floors, pitched roofs of residential or non-residential buildings and other sources of noise and it also serves as a natural firelighter for home fires and wood stoves.

The Farming industry

In modern farming, wood wool is used as a nesting and bedding material for animals. Wood wool serves as a cushion for the animals while providing some warmth and absorbing waste. This is done by sprinkling the wood wool in animal bed. For example, it is found on dairies, to gently rub and stimulate the animals while milking the livestock. It is also used in hutches and in cardboard boxes when shipping chicks.

As a farm or garden material, it can again be used for organic matter and as a way of growth, for a water based nutrient rich gardens.

Who uses Wood Wool?

From the above, it is obvious that wood wool is a multi-purpose product which can be used by many industries.It is can serve as a relevant feed for processing companies, retailers, potteries, manufacturing plants, farmlands and construction firms.

For instance, a manufacturing plant can engage in a backward integration by using wood wool to produce their own packaging materials to cut down various costs including direct and indirect cost. Manufacturers can also use these as a packaging material for a stuffing for plush toys.

Wood wool can also be turned into fashionable tile and panel designs to be used by construction firms.

Homes and restaurants can equally use wood wool as firelighters.

Architectural firms use wood wool products such as acoustic tiles to give a building a contemporary design and help lower sound reflections. Acoustic tiles are useful for churches and schools to create a quiet atmosphere for students for study.

References:; August'2018

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